Related Links

The Hubbell Awards consults with several organizations that support the Cadet program. We have included the links to those that have a web site. We have also included the Winnipeg Foundation, which has been of enormous assistance to us.

Cadets Canada Information about the Cadet program in Canada.
Regional Cadet Support Unit (Northwest) Information about the Regional Cadet Support Unit (Northwest).
The Navy League of Canada, Manitoba Division Information about Sea Cadet program in Manitoba.
Army Cadet League (Manitoba) Information about Army Cadet program in Manitoba.
Air Cadet League of Manitoba Information about Air Cadet program in Manitoba.
Winnipeg Foundation The Winnipeg Foundation was established in 1921 and is the second-largest community foundation in Canada. All donations to our program are placed in the Hubbell Awards Scholarship Trust Fund that they hold. The interest earned in the Trust Fund is used to fund the awards.
Donate Donate online, through the Winnipeg Foundation, to Hubbell Awards Incorporated.