The 2020 Hubbell Scholarship Recipients

The Hubbell Awards Inc. Scholarship Recipients, September 9, 2020.

At a virtual ceremony on Wednesday, September 9, 2020, the 2020 Hubbell Awards were presented to eleven Manitoba Cadets. These Cadets, three Sea Cadets, one Army Cadet and seven Air Cadets, were chosen from many highly qualified applicants. The Hubbell Award recipients; their families; guest speaker, BGen D.B. Cochrane; honoured guest, Mr. Jon Reyes, MLA; and other dignitaries, attended this year's virtually ceremony.

2020 Guest Speaker

Brigadier-General D.B. Cochrane, MSM, CD
Commander of the National Cadet and Junior Canadian Ranger Support Group

Brigadier-General D.B. (Dave) Cochrane grew up in Toronto, enjoying five years as an air cadet, prior to enrolling into the Canadian Armed Forces in 1982. He received a baccalaureate degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario in 1986.

Following receipt of his air navigator (ACSO) wings, BGen Cochrane spent his flying career with 426 and 436 squadrons in Trenton in the tactical and strategic airlift roles on the CC-130 Hercules. During these postings, he participated in several deployments including Gulf War I, Kurdish re-supply airdrop missions in northern Iraq, and Operation Airbridge in Sarajevo.

BGen Cochrane commanded 426 Transport and Training Squadron in Trenton from 2006 to 2009 and subsequently deployed, for six months, as Commanding Officer Theatre Support Element at Camp Mirage in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Upon return in 2010, BGen Cochrane assumed command of 8 Wing/CFB Trenton, where he was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal, thanks to the great work by the 8 Wing/CFB Trenton men and women, in their support of the Search and Rescue mandate and the outstanding airlift support to Operation Hestia (Haiti), Op Mobile (Libya) and Op Athena (Afghanistan).

A graduate of the Aerospace Systems Course, BGen Cochrane enjoyed several staff tours at NDHQ, most memorable of which, being in the Directorate of Air Requirements where he was Project Director for the Airlift Capability Projects, focusing on the successful acquisition of CC-177 GlobeMaster and CC-130J Hercules aircraft fleets.

BGen Cochrane is a graduate of the Canadian Forces Command and Staff College Course in Toronto, and hold a Masters Degree in Defence Studies from the Royal Military College. BGen Cochrane graduated in 2012 also from the year-long Australian Defence College, Centre for Defence and Strategic Studies Course.

Upon return to Canada in January 2013, BGen Cochrane assumed the position of Senior Advisor to the National Security Advisor in the Privy Council Office in Ottawa. Promoted to Brigadier-General in 2015, he assumed the position of Commander 2 Canadian Air Division in Winnipeg overseeing individual training and education for RCAF officers and NCMs. BGen Cochrane resides in Ottawa where he now assumed command of the National Cadet and Junior Canadian Rangers Support Group. In his spare time, BGen Cochrane enjoys watching the Leafs, Senators and now the Winnipeg Jets hockey teams and enjoys a friendly round of golf.

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2020 Surgeon Captain Gordon P. Fahrni, DSC, MD Award Recipient

Cadet CPO2 Jordan Denorer
350 RCSCC Transcona

Cadet CPO2 Jordan Denorer graduated from College Pierre-Elliot-Trudeau and has enrolled at the University of Winnipeg where he will study criminology. His plan is to use his education to become an RCMP officer.

Jordan’s Cadet experience included attending HMCS Quadra and receiving the bronze Duke of Edinburgh award. He received his four-year service medal, and was due to receive his five-year medal at the annual ceremonial review.

To support his community, Keith participates in community cleanup events, volunteering as a softball coach and running events at the local library.

Jordan focuses on his fitness though weight training, which helped him receive the Duke of Edinburgh award.

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2020 Manitoba Navy League Division Award Recipient

Cadet CPO2 Talia Krishka
49 RCSCC John Travers Cornwell VC

Cadet CPO2 Talia Krishka graduated from Miles Macdonell Collegiate and has enrolled at University of St Boniface where she will pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree, followed by a Bachelor of Education degree. Her goal is to become a French Immersion teacher.

Talia joined Cadets in 2015 and has excelled at every level in both Cadets and Band. She has attended the Annual Cadet Camp at HMCS Quadra, Comox, BC every year, and has received numerous awards and achievements including the Sea Cadet Service Medal, Chief of the Band and 1st placed team in the Marksmanship Provincial Championship.

Talia has been active in her school community; specifically, with her school’s theatre production and supporting band concerts and craft sales. Talia has been a student volunteer with the Festival du Voyageur where she assisted Metis Elders teaching history, cultural importance and crafting of the medicine bag. As a member of the RCSCC John Travers Cornwell VC Band, she has participated in Remembrance Day Ceremonies, the Winnipeg Santa Claus Parade and the Sea Cadet Centennial Parade.

She has also attained the Bronze level of the Duke of Edinburgh Award, as well as supporting marksmanship teams. Talia’s RCSCC John Travers Cornwell VC Marksmanship team advanced to the National Marksmanship Championship.

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2020 Naval Officers' Association of Canada - Winnipeg Branch Scholarship Award Recipient

Cadet CPO1 Keith Rennie
77 RCSCC Daerwood

Cadet CPO1 Keith Rennie graduated from Lord Selkirk Regional Comprehensive Secondary School and will be attending the University of Winnipeg. He will be pursuing a Bachelor of Applied Environmental Science with the goal of becoming a field chemist to help protect the local environment.

Keith has been in the Sea Cadet program for five years and has attended HMCS Quadra Sea Cadet training camp five times. He has won awards, including Excellence in Seamanship, Pusser Award for Drill Excellence and Most Dedicated Cadet, as well as receiving the Royal Canadian Legion Cadet Medal of Excellence.

Keith supports his school’s enrichment program and keeps his community clean by helping at the riverside cleanup. He volunteers with the Royal Canadian Legion No. 42, supporting bingo nights.

He has achieved silver level in the Sea Cadet fitness assessment, and maintains his physical fitness through interval running, playing ball hockey and curling.

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2020 Lieutenant Laurence Gillmor Sherman Award Recipient

Cadet MWO Matthew Henry
127 Pembina Mountain RCACC

Cadet MWO Matthew Henry graduated from Treherne Collegiate Institute and has enrolled at Lethbridge College where he will pursue a Bachelor of Applied Science through the Conservation Enforcement program.

Matthew joined cadets in 2015 and through his hard work earned the position of Regimental Sergeant Major. As a cadet, he attended Vimy Trek, the Regional Marksmanship Competition in Winnipeg, the Silver Star Expedition and Gold Star Expedition. He has received several awards including the Royal Canadian Legion Cadet Medal of Excellence, Army Cadet Service Medal and Hardest Working Cadet.

Matthew is devoted to supporting his community, through planting tree, cleaning and maintaining community spaces. He has also volunteered at special events including community gatherings and fundraisers.

To maintain his physical fitness, he plays a variety of sports--volleyball, basketball, badminton, curling, and track and field. Additionally, over the past two summers he has exceeded 1000km of trail cycling.

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2020 Janice and Barry Rempel Honorary Colonel's Air Cadet Scholarship Award Recipient

Cadet WO1 Ryan Gilhooly
191 West Winnipeg Rotary RCACS

Cadet WO1 Ryan Gilhooly graduated from Sanford Collegiate and has enrolled at Mount Royal University where he will work towards his Aviation diploma with the goal of becoming a pilot.

Ryan attended his General Training in 2015, followed by Basic and Advanced Aviation Courses. This led him to Glider and Power Pilot Scholarships, although Power Pilot was unfortunately canceled in 2020. Ryan was been awarded the Lord Strathcona Medal, Air Cadet League of Canada Service Medal, and the Air Canada Flight Operations Trophy.

His passion for flying had led to volunteering at the Gimli Flying Centre. He’s also quick to help teach his peers at school, and volunteer at Winnipeg Harvest during the holiday season.

Ryan completes in soccer, track and field, biathlon, and long distance running. His most recent accomplishment was completing a full marathon in under four hours.

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2020 Flight Sergeant Fred Marean Award Recipient

Cadet WO2 Mackenzie Guillou-Cormier
176 Boeing of Canada RCACS

Cadet WO2 Mackenzie Guillou-Cormier graduated from Centre scolaire Leo-Remillard and has enrolled at the University of Manitoba to pursue a bachelor’s degree in music education. She plans to become a high school music teacher.

Mackenzie’s Cadet training and courses has included Military Band Advanced Musician’s Course and Advance Training. She has competed in the National Effective Speaking Competition, as well as the Zone Marksmanship Competition. Her focus has resulted in numerous awards, including ACLC’s Music for Excellence, Duke of Edenborough’s International Award, RCL Cadet Medal of Excellence, and 1st place Provincial Effective Speaking Competition.

Volunteering is important to Mackenzie, as demonstrated by ten years of support to Residence Despins, a supportive-housing and independent-living facility. She has supported a variety of their events, including volunteering her time as an entertainer. She also founded her school’s first LGBTQ+ alliance, chairs weekly meetings and provides education to the student body.

Sports has been a focus for Mackenzie as she’s played a variety of different sports growing up--soccer, volleyball, basketball, badminton, karate, and softball.

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2020 Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) James Randolph Popplow, SBStJ, CD, BSc, BEd, MD, MSc, ABPM (AM), FACPM Award Recipient

Cadet WO1 Megan Lokstet
176 Boeing of Canada RCACS

Cadet WO1 Megan Lokstet graduated from Glenlawn Collegiate Institute and has enrolled at the University of Manitoba where she will pursue a Bachelor of Science, majoring in chemistry. In the future she plans to work in forensic chemistry.

Megan joined cadets in 2015. She completed Basic and Advanced Aviation Courses, followed by Glider Pilot Scholarship Course. She has received several awards including Recruit of the Year, Flight Lieutenant Findlay Trophy, the Lord Strathcona Medal, and the Air Cadet Service Medal for five year of service.

She is focused on supporting her community through helping at her schools ‘United Games’, performing at Folklorama, volunteering at St Amant Centre, and participating in cycling and running events to raise money for charity.

She completed the Duke of Edinburgh bronze level through her participation in biathlon. Megan also competes in a variety of team sports and activities--basketball, football and Ukrainian dance.

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2020 Honorary Colonel Ben Van Ruiten, MSM, CD Award Recipient

Cadet WO2 Adriana Pasieczka
191 West Winnipeg Rotary RCACS

Cadet WO2 Adriana Pasieczka graduated from Sanford Collegiate and has enrolled at the University of Manitoba. Her aim is to become a professional photographer and architect.

Adriana has attended several camps, including Fitness and Sports Instructor, Glider Pilot Scholarship, and Fitness and Sports Instructor Staffing. Her hard work resulted in being awarded the Most Improved Biathlete, Top Level 1 Cadet, and the Air Cadet Long Service Medal. She has also attended the Cadet Biathlon Nationals five times.

She is active in her school, church and community. Adriana volunteers time to her School Newspaper, organizing Gym Riots and the annual open house. At her church she teaches kindergarten, level five and level six Catechism classes. She also performes Ukrainian Dancing at Folklorama and volunteers at her local gliding centre.

Her physical fitness is focused on Cadet Biathlon where she trains up to three times a week during the season. In addition, she completes in boxing, badminton, track and field, soccer, cycling and running.

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2020 Honorary Colonel (Retired) George E. Chapman Q.C. Award Recipient

Cadet WO2 Matthew Perry
575 Terrier RCACS

Cadet WO2 Matthew Perry graduated from St Paul’s Collegiate and has enrolled at the University of Manitoba where he will pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering. His goal is to follow this education to further studies in aerospace engineering.

Matthew has attended four Cadet summer training opportunities, including Basic Aviation Technology and Aerospace, Glider Pilot Scholarship and Power Pilot Scholarship. He received the Air Cadet Long Service Medal, and the Lord Strathcona award in 2019.

His community involvement includes participating in his local youth group, and membership of the Brandon Cadet Flying Site. He’s active at his school on the grad committee, as well as assisting in organizing the Remembrance Day ceremony.

Matthew enjoys working out, participating in track and field, and has a first-degree black belt in Shotokan Karate.

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2020 Royal Military Institute of Manitoba Award Recipient

Cadet WO2 Evan Glazier
170 St. James RCACS

Cadet WO2 Evan Glazier graduated from College Sturgeon Heights Collegiate and has enrolled at the University of Manitoba’s Desautels Faculty of Music. As he progresses through the program, he will consider his options to pursue the performance track or focus on music education.

Evan joined cadets in 2014 and has participated at various Cadet Camps including Basic Musician-Military Band, Glider Pilot Scholarship and Power Pilot Scholarship. He has been recognized as the Most Improved Band Member, Top Band Member and received the Alen T. Hansen Trophy for top Manitoba glider cadet.

Evan is committed to his community outside of cadets. He has volunteered with a number of organizations including Winnipeg Harvest, Siloam Mission, Folklorama and COPA4Kids events. In addition, he volunteered more than 50 hours in the pit band for St. James Collegiate’s musical production.

Evan stays physically active through daily exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. His involvement in musical theatre involved dance on a weekly basis.

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2020 Manitoba Moose Scholarship Award Recipient

Cadet WO2 Kaylene Taylor
170 St. James RCACS

Cadet WO2 Kaylene Taylor graduated from Grant Park High School and has enrolled at the University of Manitoba. Her pursuit of a Bachelor of Arts will be the first step to working towards a career as a pilot in the Royal Canadian Air Force or the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Since joining Cadets in 2014, Kaylene has participated in many of the extensive training opportunities available. She has attended Basic Aviation Technology and Aerospace, Glider Pilot Scholarship Course, as well as competing in the provincial biathlon and acquiring her first aid certification. She has received two squadron awards and has enrolled in the Silver Duke of Edinburgh International Silver Award.

As part of her community endeavors Kaylene regularly visited the elderly in a nursing home, volunteered at her church, and helped at homeless shelters and non-profit organizations.

Kaylene is involved in several activities to ensure a healthy lifestyle. These include participating in boot camp at school, maintaining a gym membership, and swimming. In Cadet Program, she joined her squadron’s biathlon team, where they progressed to provincials this year.

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