The 2021 Hubbell Awards Recipients

The Hubbell Awards Inc. Hubbell Awards Recipients, September 9, 2021.

At a virtual ceremony on Thursday, September 9, 2021, the 2021 Hubbell Awards were presented to twelve Manitoba Cadets. These Cadets, four Sea Cadets, three Army Cadet and five Air Cadets, were chosen from many highly qualified applicants. The Hubbell Award recipients; their families; guest speaker, BGen D. O'Reilly; honoured guest, Mr. Scott Johnston, MLA; and other dignitaries, attended this year's virtually ceremony.

2021 Guest Speaker

Brigadier-General Denis O'Reilly
2 Canadian Air Division Commander

Brigadier General Denis O'Reilly grew up in Moose Jaw, SK and enrolled in the Canadian Armed Forces in 1991. He received his RCAF pilot wings in 1995, and was posted to 408 Tactical Helicopter Squadron (Edmonton, AB) where he flew the CH135 Twin-Huey and later the CH146 Griffon helicopters.

From 2000 to 2003, he was selected for foreign exchange duties with 664 Squadron Army Air Corps (Dishforth, UK) where he flew the Lynx Anti-Tank Helicopter. His duties included Squadron Operations Officer and Squadron Second-in-Command. Upon promotion to Major in 2003, he was appointed Officer Commanding (OC) 664 Squadron.

Upon return to Canada in 2003, he joined 403 Helicopter Operational Training Squadron (Gagetown, NB) where he served in various Flight Commander positions, finishing his tour as Deputy Commanding Officer. In 2006, he assumed the role of J5 Air as part of the Standing Contingency Task Force HQ (Halifax, NS). In 2007, he was posted to 1 Wing HQ (Kingston, ON) to fill the role of A7 Doctrine. Promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel during Staff College in 2008, he returned to 1 Wing HQ in 2009 as the Operations Officer.

From 2010-2012, he had the privilege to rejoin 403 Helicopter Operational Training Squadron, this time as the Squadron's Commanding Officer. A move to 2 Canadian Air Division HQ (Winnipeg, MB) followed, where he served as the Senior Staff Officer in charge of Air Operations Training. Promoted in 2015, he was appointed Director Air Force Training until 2016, when he returned to his home town of (Moose Jaw, SK) to assume command of 15 Wing - home of RCAF pilot training and The Snowbirds. In 2019 he returned to Winnipeg, this time to 1 Canadian Air Division HQ, where he filled the roles of A5/A7 and Director of Fleet Readiness.

Promoted to his current rank in June 2020, Brigadier General O'Reilly was appointed Commander, 2 Canadian Air Division in August 2020.

Brigadier General O'Reilly served on operational deployments to Haiti (1996), Kosovo (1999), and Kuwait (2014). He is a graduate of the Advanced Aerospace Operations Course, the Joint Command and Staff Program, and the United States Air Force Air War College. He holds a Bachelor of Philosophy degree, and a Masters of Defence Studies. He was appointed to the Order of Military Merit in November, 2019.Brigadier General O'Reilly and his wife Doris have seven children.

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2021 Surgeon Captain Gordon P. Fahrni, DSC, MD Award Recipient

Cadet CPO1 Igal Press
350 RCSCC Transcona

Cadet CPO1 Press has already completed his first year at the University of Winnipeg in pursuit of a degree in Mathematical Physics.

CPO1 Press' experiences as a Cadet have been very broad including annual summer camps culminating in a Cadet Exchange to South Korea in 2019. At his unit he has served as the Range Petty Office, the Guard Petty Officer, a Sail Instructor, and finally as Coxswain of the Corps. His experience at the various levels was a key ingredient in his successful mentoring of Cadets to replace him at each level, and with his contribution to the smooth operation of the Corps.

He is a weightlifter and has been a bodybuilder since the 7th grade. In pursuit of his physical fitness, he has read many personal training and kinesiology texts and is planning to take the Personal Trainer Qualification Exam. He has attained the Duke of Edinburgh Award - Bronze Level.

As a volunteer, he has amassed about 1500 hours of volunteer time in his school's kitchen. Additionally, he has interned at the University of Winnipeg Physics Department and volunteered in his local Member of Parliament's office.

CPO1 Press' ultimate goal is to become a professor at a university that will enable him to fulfill his two main passions at the same time – research and teaching.

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2021 Manitoba Navy League Division Award Recipient

Cadet CPO2 Chloe Diamond
60 RCSCC Swiftsure

Cadet CPO2 Chloe Diamond graduated from Elton Collegiate in Forrest Manitoba and is currently enrolled at the University of Manitoba pursuing a degree in English.

Since joining RCSCC Swiftsure, CPO2 Diamond has attended several summer camps at HMCS Quadra. She has been a member of the Corps Drill Team and Band. Chloe has won numerous awards ranging from Most Improved Cadet to the Petty Officer Leadership Award. Additionally, she was awarded the Commemorative Navy League of Canada Coin for an essay she wrote regarding the Sea Cadet Program, and she was selected to attend the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge -- “an unbelievable, humbling experience that she will carry with her for her entire life."

As a volunteer, she helps at several personal care homes in Brandon. She has also volunteered as a canvasser for The Heart and Stroke Foundation and the Diabetes Association. She also helped with a Highway Clean-Up Project.

She is physically fit and was a "prop" for her high school rugby team. She has recently taken up golf, a game she is somewhat of a natural at it.

CPO2 Diamond is the first of her family to attend university and she believes that attaining her degree will enhance her service to others.

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2021 Naval Officers' Association of Canada - Winnipeg Branch Scholarship Award Recipient

Cadet CPO1 Gabriel Freider
225 RCSCC Crusader

CPO1 Gabriel Freider graduated from the University of Winnipeg Collegiate and is enrolled in the University of Winnipeg, working towards a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics.

CPO1 Freider has completed Basic, Intermediate, Senior and Advanced Sail Courses at HMCS Quadra and HMCS Ontario, earning the Can Sail Level 6 Qualification, and several other qualifications. He has served as Divisional Chief, Training Chief and Coxswain of his Corps, where he strove to provide each Cadet under his tutelage with the best experience possible. He earned the Sea Cadet Service Medal, The Navy League Medal of Excellence and the Lord Strathcona Medal.

Gabriel is an avid basketball player and sailor. He credits sailing with the improvement in his overall physical fitness.

He volunteers at his local Legion, Deer Lodge Hospital and his local Member of Parliament's Youth Advisory Council.

His long-term goal is to use his degree in Economics to work at a "Think Tank" or in government to secure a better and brighter future for all Canadians.

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2021 Lieutenant Laurence Gillmor Sherman Award Recipient

Cadet WO Alexina Nault
407 Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders RCACC

Cadet WO Alexina Nault College Sturgeon Heights and will be attending l’Universite de St Boniface, working towards a degree in Political Science with Law degree being her long-term goal.

As a Cadet, Alexina has attended numerous training camps including Basic Marksmanship, and Basic and intermediate Pipes and Drums. She has garnered several awards including: the Royal Canadian Legion Medal of Excellence, Bronze and Silver Levels in the Duke of Edinburgh Award, The Vimy Pilgrimage Award and the Top Master Cadet Award.

At her Corps, she has been the senior piper for the Cadet Band and has been responsible for the fitting and distribution of uniforms to the new Cadets. She was also responsible for dress and deportment, and in that capacity, she introduced the weekly “Golden Boot” Award for the Cadet displaying the best dress and deportment which had a significant positive effect on both as well as on the morale of the unit.

In her community, she volunteers with a Brownie Unit and is a member of the Manitoba Youth Forum of the Girl Guides. She has worked with the Student’s Commission of Canada and was the youth representative for the UNICEF National Day of the Child.

Her goal of becoming a lawyer will allow her to be a role model for upcoming Indigenous and Metis young women.

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2021 Honorary Colonels' Army Cadet Scholarship Award Recipient

Cadet MWO Thomas Zaburdyaev
2295 Royal Winnipeg Rifles RCACC

Cadet MWO Thomas Zaburdyaev graduated from Kelvin High School and is a first-year cadet at RMC-St. Jean where he is pursuing a degree in Honours Economics.

During his time as a Cadet, Thomas participated in four Summer Camps that included General Training, Basic Band, Fitness and Sports Instructor, and Leadership and Challenge. He was Bugle Major for the Corps band, team captain for Marksmanship Team, and a Master Cadet, serving as a role model for all other Cadets in the Corps.

He has received The Legion Medal of Excellence, The Lord Strathcona Medal, and The General Howard Medal. He also achieved the Bronze, Silver and Gold Levels in the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

He has given back to his community by volunteering at many activities sponsored by his Corps including the Annual Poppy Drive, Tag Days, the Winnipeg Garden Show, The Winnipeg Pet Rescue, and the mentorship program at Kelvin High School.

He hopes that his focus on business will allow him to develop the social, critical thinking and other inter-personal skills to make good a career path that will have numerous avenues and opportunities for him to explore.

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2021 Janice and Barry Rempel Honorary Colonel's Air Cadet Scholarship Award Recipient

Cadet FSgt Caleigh Guillou-Cormier
176 Boeing of Canada RCACS

Cadet FSgt Caleigh Guillou-Cormier graduated from Centre Scolaire Leo Remilllard and is attending the University of Manitoba where she will be pursuing a major in Psychology, with her long-term goal being to specialize in Pediatric Medicine.

As a Cadet, Caleigh has attended numerous camps and received many awards and accolades including Top Survivalist at the 2019 Survival Instructor course, and Top Staff Cadet at the Virtual CSTC in 2020. She also placed first in the Regional Effective Speaking Competition in 2019-2020.

A very active young lady, Caleigh has participated in numerous biathlons, and Marksmanship competitions. She is extremely fit, as evidence by her attainment of the Bronze, Silver and Gold Levels in the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Her community activities include volunteering at the Residence Despins where she organized many activities including BBQs, Karaoke Nights and a Canada Day Wheelchair and Walker Parade. She is active in her school’s Student council, Social Justice Committee, Yearbook Committee and Debate Club. She also volunteered with the Winnipeg High School Athletic Association.

This quote from her application describes her goals: "We can’t choose the experiences that shape us into who we are meant to be, but we can use them to empower ourselves, inspire each other, and to help others."

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2021 Flight Sergeant Fred Marean Award Recipient

Cadet WO1 Martin Paslawski
6 Jim Whitecross RCACS

Cadet WO1 Martin Paslawski graduated from Garden City Collegiate and attending the Aviation Program at Mount Royal University with the goal of becoming a pilot.

WO1 Paslawski has been an Air Cadet for 7 years. During that time, he participated in numerous activities and camps General Training, Basic Aviation, and Glider Pilot Training. He has been awarded the Long Service and Strathcona Medals. As the senior cadet in his unit, he has had the opportunity to instruct and mentor his juniors in all aspects of aviation and all other aspects of Air Cadets.

Physically fit, he has achieved the Bronze and Silver Levels in the Duke of Edinburgh Award, as well as his Excellence badge in the Cadet Fitness Program. He was also a member of his Squadron’s Biathlon Team.

He volunteers at the St. Joseph’s Personal Care Home and is actively involved with the Santa Claus Parade and KidFit60. He was also a student leader in a club at his school called Youth Against Mental Illness Stigma.

His long-term goal is to become a pilot.

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2021 Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) James Randolph Popplow, SBStJ, CD, BSc, BEd, MD, MSc, ABPM (AM), FACPM Award Recipient

Cadet FSgt Sylvie Malo
176 Boeing of Canada RCACS

Cadet WO2 Sylvie Malo graduated from Centre Scolaire Leo Remillard and is attending the University of Manitoba.

Sylvie joined Air Cadets in 2015. She has attended several camps including the Band Musician Course at HMCS Quadra where she earned the Cadet of the Intake Award and her Division earn the honour of “Cock of the Walk”. She followed this with the Top Cadet Award at the Intermediate Musician Course, and she attained her Level 5 Proficiency at the Advanced Musician Course.

She has participated with the Air Cadet Concert band on many occasions including performances at the Commissionaires' Gala and our very own Hubbell Awards Presentation Ceremony.

She has been active in her community, volunteering at Senior's Homes, working with the Air Cadet Concert band, and assisting at #7 JRK Millen Navy League Cadet Corps.

She has attained a Black Belt in Taekwondo. She is also an avid knee boarder, water skier and kayaker. She has attained the Bronze Level in the Cadet Fitness Award Program and is working towards her Bronze Level in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Program.

Her short-term goal is to pursue her studies in music at the university with a long-term goal of becoming a doctor and sharing the healing goodness of music.

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2021 Honorary Colonel Ben Van Ruiten, MSM, CD Award Recipient

Cadet FSgt Tyler Guenot
199 St Vital RCACS

Cadet WO2 Tyler Guenot graduated from St Boniface Dioscesan High School and is attending the University of Manitoba, pursuing a degree in Engineering.

Tyler's participation in Cadets has involved workshops, seminars and camps. He has taken the Basic Survival Course, The Drill and Ceremonial Instructor course, and the Virtual field Engineering Course.

He has been a member of his Squadron's Biathlon and Marksmanship Teams, He was also a member of the Drill Team and received the Top Drill Award in 2020.

Outside of Cadets, he volunteers at his church, and with the Can Skate Program teaching younger children and adults to skate.

To maintain his physical fitness, he is a member of the Track and Field and Badminton Teams. He also has a rigorous program of weightlifting and core-strengthening that he pursues.

His long-term goal is to become a pilot in the Royal Canadian Air Force.

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2021 Honorary Colonel (Retired) George E. Chapman Q.C. Award Recipient

Cadet WO2 Steven Hwang
121 West Winnipeg Rotary RCACS

Cadet WO2 Hwang graduated from Fort Richmond Collegiate and is pursuing a degree in Music at the University of Manitoba.

As a Cadet, Steven attended General Training, Basic Aviation and Intermediate Musician Camps. He has been a member and the Commander of The Flag Party at his Squadron. He was named Top Cadet at the Vernon Music Camp in 2019. He received The Flight Corporal Alexander Cuddy Memorial Award for exemplary leadership within his Squadron, and, nationally, at summer camps.

He was President of the Fort Richmond Collegiate Student Council. He is very involved in the provincial music community and teaches and mentors younger students in several schools.

Physically fit, he participated in volleyball and his team won the Intramural Volleyball championship. He has achieved bronze and silver in the Cadet Fitness Assessment and in 2021 he achieved Excellence in that program.

Steven’s long-term goal is to get a Bachelor Degree in Education following his Bachelor of Music Degree. This will allow him to become a teacher and pass on his love of music to follow-on generations. He also plans to "pay-it-forward" by becoming a volunteer with the Cadet program.

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2021 Royal Military Institute of Manitoba Award Recipient

Cadet WO Nikolas Zaburdyaev
2295 Royal Winnipeg Rifles RCACC

Cadet WO Nikolas Zaburdyaev graduated from Kelvin High School and is a first-year Cadet at RMC-St.Jean. He is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Commerce, specializing in Finance.

Nikolas has participated in numerous training camps including General Training, Basic Band, and Air Rifle and Marksmanship Instructor. He received awards for being the Top Bandsman, for Distinguished Marksmanship and for Excellence in Fitness. As a leader at his Corps, Nikolas was the Standards NCM. He also led the Marksmanship Team and for a brief time was a Platoon WO in both the Camerons and the Rifles Cadet Corps. Physically fit, he has participated in numerous runs, and marathons. He holds a Black Belt in Taekwondo. As well he has attained the Bronze and Silver Levels in the Duke of Edinburgh Award and is working towards attaining the Gold Level.

His support to the community has been through the many programs supported by his Corps and his school. He has also been a volunteer at the Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter.

Following his attainment of his undergraduate degree, he hopes to pursue higher education in the areas of Finance and Economics.

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2021 Manitoba Moose Scholarship Award Recipient

Cadet CPO2 Brenna Shaw
49 RCSCC John Travers Cornwell VC

CPO2 Brenna Shaw graduated from College Pierre Elliot Trudeau and has been accepted into the Faculty of Music at the University of Manitoba.

Over the past five years as a Sea Cadet, Brenna has attended several courses including: General Training, and Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Musician Courses. She is active in the Corps band and is a member of the Marksmanship team where she attained her Level 4 Marksmanship Badge. She was also selected to participate in the Royal Nova Scotia Tattoo in 2019.

CPO2 Shaw volunteers as a catechism teacher in the Blessed Sacrament Parish. In addition to religious education, she involves her students in projects cleaning up the local neighborhood, writing cards to folks in the local nursing home, and encouraging donations for local foodbanks and shelters.

Her goal is to share music with others through research, performing, or instruction. She plans to stay involved with the Cadet program.

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