For the first several years after becoming a charity the scholarships were presented at a formal dinner. That changed in 2014 when the presentations were made in the Manitoba Legislative Building.

The guest speaker for the evening is a serving general or flag officer in the Canadian Forces. The recent speakers were:

2017 Guest Speaker

Brigadier-General Kelly Woiden, OMM, CD, Commander, National Cadet and Junior Canadian Rangers Support Group


Brigadier-General Kelly Woiden spent five years as an Army Cadet before joining the Canadian Armed Forces Army Reserve as an Armoured Reconnaissance Crewman with the British Columbia Dragoons in 1975. He was commissioned in 1981.

In 1984, he moved to Calgary and transferred to The King's Own Calgary Regiment where he served as a Troop Leader and Battle Captain. He completed an Advanced Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering Technology and a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.

He moved to Winnipeg in 1988 and transferred to The Fort Garry Horse where he served in numerous command positions from Battle Captain to Commanding Officer in 1997.

He attended the National Security Studies Seminar in 2001 and served in staff appointments at 38 Canadian Brigade Group (CBG) and Land Force Western Area.

He was recalled to 38 CBG as Deputy Commander in April 2003.

He was promoted to Colonel in 2004 and appointed Commander of 38 CBG. Four years later he was promoted to Brigadier-General and appointed Deputy Commander Land Force Western Area and Joint Task Force West.

He served in Afghanistan for ten months in 2011 where he was responsible for Coalition efforts in developing the Afghan Ministry of Defence and the General Staff.

When he returned to Canada he was appointed Director General Land Reserve and Chief of Staff Army Reserve.

He was appointed Commander of the National Cadet and Junior Canadian Rangers Support Group in 2015.

While serving as a part-time reservist, Brigadier-General Woiden was employed at Bristol Aerospace Ltd in Winnipeg, Manitoba from 1988 to 2012. When he left he was the Manager of the Composites Manufacturing Centre. He also has a Certificate in Management from the University of Manitoba.

The Evening

Arrival and Assembly

Invitations are mailed/emailed to everyone on our list in August. If you are not on our invitation list, but would like to be, contact us at:

The dress for the evening for serving military personnel is designated environmental uniform with medals. For civilian guests, the normal dress is business suit or blazer and flannels or equivalent with medals. All winners and cadet guests should wear their unform and medals.

This year the presentations will be made on September 16, 2017 Room 200 of the Legislative Building. Winners and their parents should plan to arrive by 5:20 PM. They will be directed to the main staircase.

A photographer will be available to take photographs of the winners and their parents with the guest of honour. Parents in attendance are encouraged to have a camera available to take photographs of the presentations and other events. Other cadet guests will be invited to participate in the photographs so they will also have a memento of the evening.

Some photographs will be included on this web site.

Everyone will begin to move to Room 200 at 6:05 PM. There will be some speeches. That will be followed by the presentations of the scholarships.

The Hubbell Awards Scholarships are valued at $1,100.00. All winners will be given an opportunity to respond. They are encouraged to confirm where they will be attending school and their career aspirations.

There will be a reception in the Rotunda following the presentations.

Scholarships Presented

Sea Cadet - Dr. Gordon Paton Fahrni Award

Gordon FahrniDr. Gordon Paton Fahrni was born in Winnipeg in 1916. He graduated from the School of Medicine at the University of Manitoba in 1940 and then joined the Royal Canadian Navy.

He was deployed to England and assigned to H.M.S. FITZROY, a minesweeper on which he served until she was sunk in 1942. He was wounded in action. For his actions Dr. Fahrni was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for bravery, devotion to duty, leadership, and skill in actions against enemy submarines.

Following the war Dr. Fahrni proceeded to post graduate work at the Toronto General Hospital and for further training at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, USA. He received his Fellowship (F.R.C.P.) and practised as a general surgeon at the Winnipeg General, Children's and Grace Hospitals.

He died peacefully in his sleep on January 20, 2007.

This scholarship was sponsored by the estate of Dr. Fahrni

Sea Cadet - Manitoba Navy League Division Award


Since 1895 The Navy League of Canada has worked to preserve our maritime legacy, passing it on to future generations so that they may continue to realize the vast potential of our oceans, lakes and rivers and the critical role they play to our national well-being.

The Manitoba Division has directly supported youth programmes in the province since 1920. Beginning as Boys' Naval Brigades, then to Navy League Sea Cadets and now Royal Canadian Sea Cadets & Navy League Cadets.

The Navy League recognizes the importance of Post-Secondary education to the future success of its Cadet Members. They encourage all Cadets to apply themselves to their studies, and believe that the important life skills developed through cadet training (self-discipline, organization, teamwork, etc.) helps prepare youth to tackle the challenges of college or university education.

This scholarship was sponsored by the Manitoba Division of the Navy League of Canada

Army Cadet - Lieutenant Laurence Gillmor Sherman Award

ltshermanLieutenant Laurence Gillmor Sherman was twenty when he enrolled in the Canadian Forces. He trained with the Calgary Highlanders and earned a commission as an infantry officer.

He went overseas in 1943 and was posted to the Loyal Edmonton Regiment in Italy that had suffered enormous losses in battle.

Lieutenant Sherman joined them in time for the assault on Monte Casino on May 23. It was in that battle that he fell at the age of 23.

In his book 'The Liri Valley, Canada's World War II Breakthrough to Rome'military historian Mark Zuehike writes in detail of that day's assault on the Hitler Line at Casino, and records that 'with both Lieutenants wounded, the sections were pinned down. They added more bodies to the tangle left earlier by the PPCLI. One machine-gun was firing on the Edmonton's from just a few feet away. When Lieutenant Sherman attempted to organize the bridgehead inside the wire, he was struck three times by sniper fire and killed'.

In 1995, Sherman Lake in northern Manitoba was named for him.

This scholarship was sponsored by Lieutenant Sherman's brother, The Honourable Louis Ralph (Bud) Sherman

The Honorary Colonels' Army Cadet Scholarship Award

In the Army, the rank of Colonel is the highest field rank below General Officer. It is one of the oldest in existence, dating as far back in time as the Roman Empire.

army colonel rank

Army Honorary Colonels have long been a part of the Army institution with a proud history of dedication and service to Canada. They are officers on all matters with the exception of operations.

They work behind the scenes and provide a much needed connection between the community and the Canadian Army.

The rank recognizes individuals who offer their talents for the enrichment and greater good of Canada and the appointment of Honorary Colonel conveys a heritage of duty, commitment, and service.

The Motto of the Canadian Army is Vigilamus pro te (We stand on Guard for Thee) and The Honorary Colonels' Army Cadet Scholarship Award promotes that sentiment of service to Canada.

This scholarship was sponsored by several serving and former army officers, including honorary colonels.

Air Cadet - The Janice and Barry Rempel Honorary Colonels' Air Cadet Scholarship Award

Barry and Janice Rempel

In the military, the rank of Colonel is the highest field rank below General Officer. It is one of the oldest in existence, dating as far back in time as the Roman Empire.

Honorary Colonels are part of an institution with a proud history of dedication and service to our country. They are officers on all matters with the exception of operations.

They work behind the scenes and provide a much needed connection between the community and the Canadian Armed Forces.

The rank recognizes individuals who offer their talents for the enrichment and greater good of Canada.

The appointment of Honorary Colonel conveys a heritage of duty, commitment, and service.

The motto of the Royal Canadian Air Force is sic itur ad astra such is the pathway to the stars.

The Janice and Barry Rempel Honorary Colonel's Aid Cadet Scholarship Award promotes that motto.

This scholarship was sponsored by Honorary Colonel Barry Rempel and his wife Janice.

Air Cadet - Flight Sergeant Fred Marean Award

Flight Sergeant Fred Marean was the eldest son of homesteaders from Iowa who settled in Saskatchewan.

Fred graduated from Boyle School in Estlin, SK and then continued his education at Balfour Technical School and Success Business School in Regina, where he studied accounting. At various times he worked as a farm hand for his father, truck driver, store clerk, and service station attendant to help support himself while attending Business School in Regina. He played for local hockey and baseball teams, but his greatest love was badminton.

He was called for service under the National Resources Mobilization Act in 1941 and was assigned to the Royal Canadian Artillery in Shilo for training as a gunner. Three months later, he transferred to the Royal Canadian Air Force for pilot training.  He completed his initial flight training in Virden, MB and Yorkton, SK before proceeding to England where he was assigned to 78 Squadron, Royal Air Force to fly Halifax bombers.Fred

During the night of March 12, 1943, he was the pilot of DT774, one of about 1,000 aircraft whose mission was to bomb the Krupp factories in the Dortmund and Essen areas that had been manufacturing tanks, artillery, naval guns, armour plate, munitions and other armaments.  His return trip took him over Holland, where his aircraft was brought down by a night fighter near Nijmegen. It was his sixteenth mission.

He was the only Canadian aboard the aircraft. The others were all members of the Royal Air Force. They are all buried in a small cemetery near Uden, Holland.  Fred was twenty-three.

The residents of Uden wanted to pay tribute to the many Allied airmen who had lost their lives near their town, but they wanted to focus on one aircraft. They chose FSgt Marean's Halifax bomber because they could remember it flying low and trailing fire.  Some were afraid it might fall on their house. That did not happen, but one engine did fall through the roof of a barn before it crashed in an open field.

In 1977 the people of Uden dedicated a plaque to the one aircraft they could remember so well. The plaque was installed on the home of the farmer that lost his barn that evening. It includes the names and appointments of all of the crew of Halifax Bomber DT774.

On the seventieth anniversary of the downing of DT774 the people of Uden held another commemorative service on March 12, 2013.

Marean Lake in Saskatchewan is named for him.

This scholarship was sponsored by Ivan and June Poitras. June was FSgt Marean's niece.

Air Cadet - Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) James Randolph Popplow, SBStJ, CD, BSc, BEd, MD, MSc, ABPM (AM), FACPM, Award

Lieutenant Colonel (Ret'd) James Randolph Popplow, was born in Kitchener in 1942 and first served as an Army Cadet in the 56 Field Regiment Cadet Corps and the 56 Field Regiment Reserve before joining the Royal Canadian Air Force at age 18. He trained as an Air Navigator/Radio Officer at the Air Navigation School at RCAF Station Winnipeg and received his Air Navigator Wings in July 1962. After further training at the Operational Training Unit, RCAF Station Summerside PEI, he was posted to 415 Maritime Patrol Squadron and flew maritime patrols in the CP-107 Argus aircraft out of Summerside.


In 1966 he was accepted by Queen's University, Kingston, Ont. He also enrolled in the Princess of Wales Own Regiment Reserve. After receiving his BSc and BEd degrees, he rejoined the Canadian Forces, and received his MD degree from Queen's. During his early service as a Canadian Forces Flight Surgeon. He completed a Masters degree in aerospace medicine at Wright State University, Dayton Ohio. He was elected a Fellow of the American College of Preventive Medicine in 1983, a Fellow of the Aerospace Medical Association in 1989 and a Fellow of the Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute in 2001. 

LCol Popplow went on to serve for 31 years in the RCAF/CF before he retired as the Air Command Flight Surgeon in1995.

His second career was with Manitoba Health where he was a Senior Medical Advisor for eleven years.

In 2007, in response to the Canadian Forces Medical Service staffing needs during the Afghanistan War, he returned as the 1 Canadian Air Division Aeromedical Standards and Clinical Services Flight Surgeon until his 2013 retirement.

Dr Popplow was the Honorary Colonel of 16(Regina) and 17(Winnipeg) Field Ambulance from 2006 to 2012.

This scholarship was sponsored by Dr. James Popplow and his wife Jeanette.



Air Cadet - Honorary Colonel Ben Van Ruiten, MSM, CD Award

Honorary Colonel Ben Van Ruiten was born and raised in the Netherlands, and survived the Second World War terror of five years under German occupation.

He was captured twice and fortunately escaped both times. HCol Ben Van Ruiten

From 1945 to 1946 he served as an interpreter with the British Army. He was deployed to the Leicester Yeomanry, attached to the Gold Stream Guard where he was immediately promoted to Sergeant without knowing anything about Army Life.

At age 29 he immigrated to Canada under the available Agriculture qualifications. He worked for Pacific Florists Wholesale and Green Houses in Victoria, British Columbia for two years. He then joined Winnipeg Florists Supply Company Ltd. in the supply department and eventually became the C.E.O. in the mid eighties.

He was a gentleman of impeccable integrity, boundless energy and a wonderful sense of humour. He was so very proud of his Canadian Citizenship.

He was the Honorary Consul of the Netherlands for seventeen years.

He was thrilled to be appointed Honorary Colonel of 17 Wing, his labour of love. He continued his enduring admiration and gratitude to the Veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces for restoring freedom to the Netherlands in 1945.

During his thirteen year term, Honorary Colonel Van Ruiten provided outstanding service to the Canadian Forces and the 17 Wing Community. He dedicated himself to countless events and initiatives supporting members of the Canadian Forces, who serve here at home and abroad. He served Veterans, Cadets, the Province of Manitoba and the City of Winnipeg.

Known and respected by every member of this community, Honorary Colonel Van Ruiten was an outstanding example of professionalism, civic responsibility and leadership. He brought great credit to himself, to 17 Wing and to the Canadian Forces.

He maintained absolute esteem and respect of the Royal Canadian Air Force current personnel that forever kept him young and on his toes.

This scholarship was sponsored by Ms. Arlene Van Ruiten.

Air Cadet (2017) - The Royal Military Institute of Manitoba Award


The aim of The Royal Military Institute of Manitoba (RMIM) is to encourage, promote and further interest in Canadian military issues. The RMIM has the following objectives:

  • To provide through presentations and discussions information and opinions on matters of military and security importance to Canada.
  • To maintain awareness through the use of email and the internet, of national and international political and military events that could influence government and political decisions or actions.
  • To recognize and acknowledge those who have provided notable support to Canada's defence and security forces.
  • To promote the Military and Security forces of Canada through social and professional contact.
  • To promote the Cadet movement in Canada.

Consistent with these objectives the Institute has contributed funding to enable this scholarship for deserving Cadets.

This scholarship was sponsored by members of The Royal Military Institute of Manitoba