Recent Award Winners

When the Hubbell Awards was incorporated as a charity in 2004, three $500.00 scholarships were awarded. As the interest earned in the Hubbell Awards Scholarship Trust Fund grew the value was increased to $1,000.00.

As more people became aware of the program, others chose to sponsor a scholarship. Nine $1,000.00 are now available to deserving cadets.

All of the winners of the Hubbell Awards have one thing in common - they want to do well and they have a plan to help them meet both their academic and career objectives.

Some have aspired to become medical doctors, nurses, lawyers, researchers, educators, engineers or technologists. The award winners are all examples of the wonderful benefits of the cadet program.

2017 Award Winners

2017 - Surgeon Captain Gordon P. Fahrni, DSC, MD Award
Cadet CPO1 Riley Nathan Marc Howells, 49 John Travers Cornwell, VC RCSCC

Cadet PO1  Riley Nathan Marc Howlells

Cadet CPO1 Howells will enrol in the welding program at Red River College, but his longer term objective is to enrol in the Royal Canadian Navy as a Hull Technician.

He first became interested in welding through the Vocational Program at Murdoch MacKay Collegiate. He has also completed the Shipwright course within cadets which further exposed him to the trade.

He has been a cadet since 2011 and received the Top Bandsman Award. He has attended several cadet training programs during the summer including General Training, Basic Musician and Drill and Ceremonial,. He has been the Staff Cadet for the Regional Interdivisional Competition, National Marksmanship and Regional Sail Regatta.

2017 - The Manitoba Navy League Division Award
Cadet PO1 Rheanne Lee Millet, 49 John Travers, VC, RCSCC

Cadet PO1  Rheanne Lee Millet

Cadet PO1 Millet is a student at St. Mary's Academy and will attend the University of Winnipeg Integrated Education program where she will study to become a high school teacher.

She received the four year service medal in 2015 and was recognized as the Top Junior Cadet in her corps. She has participated in both the Seamanship and Tall Ship Deployments in Victoria, BC. She has competed in several drill and marksmanship competitions. She is also the Drum Major of her corps and has been actively involved in the band since joining the cadets in 2012.

She plays basketball, but her sports acitivities have been hindered recently as a result of injuries. She has earned the Bronze level of cadet fitness.

2017 - Lieutenant Laurence Gillmor Sherman Award
Cadet CWO Gisele Irakoze, 553 Sgt Tommy Prince, MM RCACC

Cadet CWO Gisele Irakoze

Cadet CWO Irakoze will attend the University of Winnipeg where she will study Criminal Justice with the intent of becoming a police officer in the future.

She speaks five languages: English, French, Kinyarwanda, Luganda and Swahili.

She has attended summer cadet training in Bagotville, Vernon and Cold Lake and participated in a tour of battlefields in Europe in 2016. She qualified as a Master Cadet in 2016 and completed the Mantario Trail in 2016, and an International Expedition to Chili in 2017.

Cadet Irakoze is a leader within her unit and sets the standard for junior cadets. She instructs classes and mentors new cadets.

She earned the Silver level of physical fitness and has played basketball with the Windsor Park Collegiate.

2017 - The Honorary Colonels' Army Cadet Scholarship Award
Cadet CWO Evan Dyson, 2520 (71 Battery) RCACC Brandon

Cadet CWO Evan Dyson

Cadet Dyson attended Vincent Massey High and plans to become a corporate lawyer. He will initially study business administration at Simon Fraser University before moving on to law.

Within the cadet program he has earned the Bronze Level of the Duke of Edinburgh Award, a City of Brandon Award for Volunteerism and the RCMP Top Red Star Cadet Award.

He is the Regimental Sergeant Major of his unit and provides leadership and guidance to junior cadets. He is also the Pipe Major which allows him to instruct junior cadets and be a role model.

He has been a member of the school rugby team for four years as well as the soccer team for three years.

2017 - The Janice and Barry Rempel Honorary Colonels' Air Cadet Scholarship Award
Cadet WOII Anson Chan, 170 St James, RCACS

Cadet WOII Anson Chan

Cadet WOII Chan attends Fort Richmond Collegiate and plans to continue his studies at the University of Manitoba in the Faculty of Science. His ultimate objective is to become a dentist.

He is fluent in English and Cantonese.

Cadet Chan has attended several cadet training programs including Basic Aviation, Advanced Aviation, and the Glider Pilot Scholarship Course. Additionally he was on the squadron markmanship team. He was selected to attend the 2017 International Air Cadet Exchange to the United Kingdom.

He is active with the school's Amnesty International Club that does charity work such as bake sales and other fund raising events.

He is personally in-charge of 60 cadets and ensures their standards of drill, dress and deportment are up to standard.

He has played on the school volleyball team and is currently a member of the badminton team.

2017 - The Flight Sergeant Fred Marean Award
Cadet WOII Adam Daniel Gislason, 199 St Vital RCACS

Cadet WOII Gislason is enrolled in the immersion program at École Secondaire Oak Park High School and is bilingual.

He plans to study engineering at the University of Manitoba. He aspires to become a snowbird pilot with the RCAF.

Cadet WOII Adam Daniel Gislason

He recently earned his glider pilot license and has received an award for Aviation Excellence.

He is a skilled musician and has been a member of the Cadet Honour Band on three separate occasions.

He is a team captain at the annual Cerebral Palsy Association Stationary Bike Race, which is its sole fund raising event.

He has a double black stripe in Tae Kwon Do. He is also a member of the the Oak Park Raiders football team.

2017 - Lieutenant Colonel (Retd) James R. Popplow, SBStJ, CD, BSc, BEd, MD, MSc, ABPM(AM) FACPM , Award
Cadet WO2 Cody Jeffrey Lincoln, 249 Beausejour RCACS

Cadet WOII Cody Jeffrey Lincoln

Cadet WOII Lincoln is a student at École Edward Schreyer School and will attend the University of Manitoba. He aspires to study aerospace engineering where he will use that training in conjunction with his pilot's license. Major airlines now require their pilots to have a degree and his studies will assist him to meet his goal.

When he was 12 he attended the Young Eagles Air Academy where he became interested in the cadet program. He joined with the intentions of qualifying as a pilot and has done that.

He is a member of the Air Cadet Concert Band.

He plays Varsity basketball and enjoys waterskiing, canoeing, swimming and hiking. He has earned the Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award and has Bronze Cross and Bronze Medallions from the Life Saving Society.

2017 - Honorary Colonel Ben Van Ruiten, MSM, CD Award
Cadet FSgt Jefferson Charles Holod, 301 Alan McLeod, VC RCACS

FSgt Holod

Cadet FSgt Holod attends Lord Selkirk Regional Comprehensive High School and will attend Seneca College to study for a Bachelor of Aviation Technology degree. He aspires to become an RCAF pilot.

He has been a cadet since 2012 and has completed several training programs including General Training, the Glider Pilot Scholarship Course and Advanced Aviation Technology.

He has received both the Lord Strathcona and Long Service Medals and was the Top Manitoba Cadet on the Power Pilot Scholarship Course.

He was the Top Athlete within his squadron in 2015 and 2016.

2017 - Royal Military Institute of Manitoba Award
Cadet WOII Marka Jean Dewar-Norosky, 317 Strathclair RCACS

Cadet WOII Dewar-Norosky attended Strathclair Community School and has enrolled in the engineering program at the University of Manitoba. She is particularly interested in Biosystems and Environmental Engineering. Photograph is not available.

She has completed both the Glider and Power Pilot Camps in 2015 and 2016 respectively.

She has been a volunteer at the Women in Aviation Day. She has been part of the Women's Fly Day and has taken young cadets on their familiarization flights. She is a medical first responder with St. John Ambulance and is in the process of training to be a first aid instructor. In addition to these volunteer activities she has found the time to participate in the Countryfest in Dauphin and is a member of the local fire department. She is involved with the 4-H.

When she was an aspirant for the Glider Pilot Scholarship, she felt that as a petite person she might need more strength so she started a vigorous resistance training program. She has participated in other sports such as alpine skiing and biking.

2016 Award Winners

2016 - Surgeon Captain Gordon P. Fahrni, DSC, MD Award
Cadet PO1 George Earl Gibson, 49 John Travers, VC, RCSCC

Cadet PO1 Gibson will attend the University of Manitoba where he plans to study education. 2016 Cadet PO1
George Gibson

He is particularly interested Literature and History and is looking forward to teaching.

He was the lead trumpeter for the concert band in 2014. He has been a volunteer with Winnipeg Harvest and local clean-up campaigns.

He was a member of the school football team for four years. Within the local community club, he has played baseball and recreational hockey.

2016 - The Manitoba Navy League Division Award
Cadet PO2 Anetta Los, 49 John Travers, VC, RCSCC

Cadet PO2 Los plans to study engineering at the University of Manitoba. She is interested in Ocean and Naval Architecture and will consider transferring to a university that specializes in that area after she completes her first year. 2016 Cadet PO2 Anetta Los

She has attended summer training at HMCS ONTARIO and HMCS QUADRA and won the top cadet for Basic Sail in 2014. She has participated in sailing regattas, a biathlon and is classified as a marksman.

She has earned the excellence in fitness badge and has competed in a biathlon. She is also a long distance runner.

2016 - Lieutenant Laurence Gillmor Sherman Award
Cadet WO Zoé Fiola, 2295 Royal Winnipeg Rifles, RCACC

2016 Cadet WO Zoé Fiola

Cadet WO Fiola plans to attend Red River College to study for a Certificate in Photography. She plans on using the skills she learns in the program while travelling and concurrently embracing her French-Canadian culture.

She has been the platoon warrant officer. She includes her participation in the Glacier Climb Regional Expedition as one of the highlights of her cadet experience.

She is actively involved in the Francophone community where she has assisted at Le Festival du Voyageur and La Liberté.

She maintains a healthy lifestyle and has a personal fitness routine.

2016 - The Janice and Barry Rempel Honorary Colonel's Air Cadet Award
Cadet WOII Aiden Heaman, 82 Brandon, RCACS

When he was in grade six, Cadet WOII Heaman knew that he wanted to be an engineer and spent time designing buildings, drawing city plans and other creative ideas. 2016 Cadet WOII Aiden Heaman

He will begin to fulfil those aspirations this year when he begins to study in the Engineering Faculty at the University of Alberta.

He has attended several summer camps and attended courses such as Drill and Ceremonial, Drill and Ceremonial Instructor and Glider and Power Pilot training.

He enjoys playing the piano. He is a member of a local theatre group that has produced several shows including ‘The Sound of Music’.

2016 - Flight Sergeant Fred Marean Award
Cadet WOII Alexa Katelyn Ilag, 170 St. James RCACS

2016 Cadet WOII Alexa Ilag

Cadet WOII Ilag is interested in human rights and has spoken and advocated in the field for several years. She aspires to continue on to law school after she has completed a degree in Political Science at the University of British Columbia.

She has completed several summer training courses including General Military Training, Drill and Ceremonial, Fitness and Sports and Flight Staff of Fitness and Sports Instructor.

The Governor General recently presented her with the Caring Canadian Award for her work in the community.

She has conducted sports training within her unit and has achieved the Excellence Proficiency Badge and has competed in the RCAF annual marathon.

2016 - Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) James Randolph Popplow, SBStJ, CD, BSc, BEd, MD, MSc, ABPM (AM), FACPM, Award
Cadet Sgt Ronnie Bugia, 177 RCACS

2016 Cadet Sgt Ronnie Bugia

Cadet Sgt Bugia has been accepted into the University of British Columbia’s School of Business Master of Management Dual Degree Program and plans to enter the field of marketing or computer science after graduation.

He has assisted fellow students at high school in subjects such as mathematics, chemistry and physics.

He has been on his school’s volleyball, basketball and soccer teams and has participated in some intramural sports such as badminton.

2016 - Honorary Colonel Ben Van Ruiten, MSM, CD Award
Cadet WOII Ian Ellchuk, 220 Red River Squadron, RCACS

2016 Cadet WO Ian Ellchuk

Cadet WOII Ellchuk will study at the University of Manitoba. His initial objective is to earn a degree in computer science while concurrently working toward his longer term goal of becoming an airline pilot.

He has qualified as both a glider and power flight pilot through the cadet program.

He has achieved the Silver level of cadet fitness.

2016 - Royal Military Institute of Manitoba Award
Cadet CPO2 Sarah Valerie King, 60 RCSCC Swiftsure

Cadet CPO2 King will study Psychology and Women’s Studies at Brandon University. In the longer term, she plans to enrol in the Royal Canadian Navy as a counsellor. 2016 Cadet CPO2 Sarah King

She has attended several cadet courses at summer training camps and received awards for top marksman.

She is the Coxswain of her unit and strives to be a role model for junior cadets and has instructed junior cadets.

She won a bronze medal in the Senior Individual Female category.