2010   17 Wing Winnipeg Honorary Colonel Award Recipient

Cadet WO1 Kelsey Howard
301 Alan McLeod, VC RCACS

Cadet WOl Kelsey Howard has been a cadet for seven years. He is a licensed to fly gliders and fixed wing aircraft. He has been awarded the Lord Strathcona Medal. He was selected to travel to Italy to participate in Battle of Ortona commemoration services. He has competed in the biathlon at the provincial level. He is bilingual and is enrolled at the University of Winnipeg where he is studying environmental science and physical geography.


Gen Walter Natynczyk, Cadet WO1 Kelsey Howard and HCol Barry Rempel

Gen Walter Natynczyk and Cadet WO1 Kelsey Howardt

Cadet WO1 Kelsey Howard and Family

Gen Walter Natynczyk, Cadet WO Allanah Will, Cadet WO1 Kelsey Howard and Cadet CPO1 Rachel Palmquist