2012 Guest Speaker

Rear-Admiral Jennifer Bennett, OMM, CD
Chief of Reserves and Cadets

Rear-Admiral Bennett enrolled in the Naval Reserve Summer Student Training Programme in 1975 and commenced training as a Naval Communicator. In 1977, Rear-Admiral Bennett transferred to the Naval Reserve Officer Cadet Programme for training as a Logistics Officer and was commissioned as a Sub-Lieutenant in August 1979. Since that time, she has served in a variety of training, staff, leadership and command positions across Canada while also working as a teacher and administrator at elementary and secondary schools in Ontario and British Columbia. Most recently, she was Head of School at Fern Hill School in Oakville.

Rear-Admiral Bennett holds a Bachelor of Physical Education from McMaster University, a Bachelor of Education from Queen's University and a Master of Arts in Leadership and Training from Royal Roads University. She is also a graduate of the Canadian Forces Staff School, Canadian Forces Staff College, NATO School and NATO Defence College.

Rear-Admiral Bennett commanded HMCS MALAHAT, the Naval Reserve unit in Victoria, BC and the Naval Reserve Recruit School in Borden, ON.

Promoted to Captain(Navy) in 2000, Rear-Admiral Bennett was appointed the Director of Reserves in National Defence Headquarters. Other national level appointments in National Defence Headquarters include Director Professional Development, Director of Training and Education Policy and Project Director (Military) for the Defence Learning Network.

Rear-Admiral Bennett was promoted to Commodore on December 1st, 2007, upon appointment as the Commander of Canada's Naval Reserve, leading over 4000 Naval Reservists serving across Canada in 24 Naval Reserve Divisions, Naval Reserve Headquarters, Fleet School Quebec, 12 Maritime Coastal Defence Vessels, Port Security Units and Port Inspection Dive Teams, and Headquarters in Quebec City, Victoria, Halifax and Ottawa.

Promoted to her current rank in April 2011, Rear-Admiral Bennett was appointed as Canada's Chief of Reserves and Cadets. As an advisor to the Chief of Defence Staff and champion for Reservists across the Canadian Forces, Rear-Admiral Bennett holds the most senior Reserve appointment in the Canadian Forces. She is also responsible to the Minister of National Defence for delivering and supporting the two DND sponsored youth programmes.


RAdm Jennifer Bennett and Cadet CPO1 Francine Chartier

RAdm Jennifer Bennett and Cadet CPO1 Francine Chartier

Dr. James Popplow, Cadet CPO1 Francine Chartier and RAdm Jennifer Bennett

LCol (Retd) Ivan Poitras, Cadet WO Hillary Lecocq and RAdm Jennifer Bennett

RAdm Jennifer Bennett and Cadet WO Hillary Lecocq

RAdm Jennifer Bennett and Cadet WO Hillary Lecocq

RAdm Jennifer Bennett with Sea Cadet Guests

RAdm Jennifer Bennett with Army Cadet Guests

RAdm Jennifer Bennett with Air Cadet Guests