2012   17 Wing Winnipeg Honorary Colonel Award Recipient

Cadet FSgt Daniel Kang
176 Boeing of Canada RCACS

Cadet FSgt Kang has demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities within his unit, where he instructed junior cadets in subjects such as leadership, citizenship, aviation and establishing goals and vision. He has served the Korean Church of Winnipeg as a drummer, bassist, and singer and occasionally as musical director. He has a Poom (equivalent to a black belt) in Tae Kwon Do and has competed in track and field within his school. He has been accepted in the faculties of arts and commerce at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. His long term career objective is to study international law and work for the United Nations.

Cadet FSgt Daniel Kang has moved to Montreal to study at McGill University and will be unable to attend the 2012 Awards Dinner.


Cadet FSgt Daniel Kang and Family