2014 Manitoba Navy League Division Award Recipient

Cadet CPO1 Elleaina Bearden
49 RCSCC John Travers Cornwell, VC

Cadet CPO1 Bearden is a student at the University of Winnipeg in the Interdisciplinary Linguistics program. She aspires to complete an MBA and a law degree, focusing on intellectual property.

As a cadet, she supervised the training of junior ranks and ensured the proper performance of senior cadets. She has completed level three in music and enjoys performing at special events. She has also qualified white sail level two. She keeps herself physically fit and has participated in a tri-service volleyball team.

Additionally, she has volunteered at a thrift store and participated with the poppy campaign with the Legion.

Mrs. Cecile Howells, MGen P.F. Wynnyk and Cadet CPO1 Elleaina Bearden

Hon. Deanne Crothers and Cadet CPO1 Elleaina Bearden

2014 Scholarship Recipients with MGen P.F. Wynnyk, Guest Speaker

2014 Scholarship Recipients with Hon. Deanne Crothers, MLA, Special Envoy for Military Affairs

2014 Sea Cadet Recipients and Sea Cadet Guests

Cadet CPO1 Elleaina Bearden and Family