2015 Guest Speaker

Brigadier-General P.J. Bury, OMM, CD
Commander National Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers Support Group

After spending five years with Army Cadets in Edmonton, Alberta, BGen Bury enrolled as a subaltern with The Loyal Edmonton Regiment (4 PPCLl) in 1988 where he held a variety of command and staff positions. During the fall of 1999, BGen Bury was deployed to the Headquarters Multi-National Division (South West) in Banja Luka, Bosnia Herzegovina, where he held the position of G3 Plans and Training. In March of 2001, BGen Bury was selected as Officer Commanding the Composite Reserve Infantry Company that deployed as Delta Coy, 1 PPCLl BG for Operations GRIZZLY and PALLADIUM Rotation XI.

BGen Bury assumed command of The Loyal Edmonton Regiment in June of 2003. During August of that year, BGen Bury was tasked as Commanding Officer of Task Force IV for Op PEREGRINE, responsible for the military assistance to British Columbia provincial fire authorities in the area of Okanagan Falls, British Columbia. In February 2008, BGen Bury deployed to Afghanistan where he worked within the Directorate of Afghan National Army Training and Equipment Support in ISAF HQ, Kabul. On 5 June 2010, BGen Bury assumed command of 41 Canadian Brigade Group. BGen Bury was promoted to his current rank on appointment as Deputy Commander of Land Force Western Area/Joint Task Force West on 1 March 2011. He was appointed to his current position as Director General Reserves and Cadets effective 12 August 2013.

BGen Bury holds a Masters Degree in criminal justice from Boston University. He is a graduate of the Joint Reserve Command and Staff Program and the Advanced Military Studies Program, both taught through the Canadian Forces College in Toronto Ontario. During his career, he has been awarded the General Campaign Star (ISAF), Canadian Forces Decoration, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Medal with the "Former Yugoslavia" bar (2), the Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal, the Alberta Centennial Medal and the Order of Military Merit.

BGen P.J. Bury, Lt(N) Conor Llyod and Gen (Retd) Ray Henault

BGen P.J. Bury, Cadet CPO2 Siobhan Evison and Ms. Lynn Hawkeye

BGen P.J. Bury, Cadet WO Nathalie Castagner and LCol (Retd) Ivan Poitras

BGen P.J. Bury, Cadet CWO David Wall and HCol Albert El Tassi

BGen P.J. Bury, Cadet WO1 Matthew Major and HCol Barry Rempel

BGen P.J. Bury, Cadet FSgt Courtney Masson, Ms. June Poitras and Ms. Parker

2015 Scholarship Recipients with BGen P.J. Bury, Guest Speaker

Cadet CPO2 Siobhan Evison and Family with BGen P.J. Bury

Cadet CWO David Wall and Family with BGen P.J. Bury

Cadet WO1 Matthew Major and Family with BGen P.J. Bury

Cadet FSgt Courtney Masson and Family with BGen P.J. Bury

BGen P.J. Bury

MGen (Retd) Dennis Tabbernor presents gift to BGen P.J. Bury