2017 Flight Sergeant Fred Marean Award Recipient

Cadet WO2 Adam Daniel Gislason
199 St Vital RCACS

Cadet WO2 Gislason is enrolled in the immersion program at École Secondaire Oak Park High School and is bilingual.

He plans to study engineering at the University of Manitoba. He aspires to become a snowbird pilot with the RCAF.

He recently earned his glider pilot license and has received an award for Aviation Excellence.

He has completed several Cadet programs during the summers that will assist him to meet his aspirations of becoming a pilot. He is also a skilled musician and has been a member of the Cadet Honour Band on three separate occasions.

His has used his skills as a musician to help other Cadets to play the trombone, trumpet, euphonium/baritone, saxophone, flute and percussion.

He was selected to attend the Air Cadet League General Annual Meeting where he was given the opportunity to present some of his ideas for future leaders of the Cadet Program.

He is a team captain at the annual Cerebral Palsy Association Stationary Bike Race, which is its sole fund raising event.

He is a Squadron Warrant Officer in his unit and leads and coaches junior Cadets.

He has a double black stripe in Tae Kwon Do. He is also a member of the Oak Park Raiders football team.

Mr. Michael Poitras, Cadet WO2 Adam Daniel Gislason and BGen Kelly Woiden

Mr. Jon Reyes and Cadet WO2 Adam Daniel Gislason

Mr. Jon Reyes, Cadet WO2 Adam Daniel Gislason and Family