2017 Surgeon Captain Gordon Paton Fahrni, DSC, MD Award Recipient

Cadet CPO1 Riley Nathan Marc Howells
49 RCSCC John Travers Cornwell VC

Cadet CPO1 Howells will enrol in the welding program at Red River College, but his longer term objective is to enrol in the Royal Canadian Navy as a Hull Technician.

He first became interested in welding through the Vocational Program at Murdoch MacKay Collegiate. He has also completed the Shipwright course within Cadets which further exposed him to the trade.

He has been a Cadet since 2011 and received the Top Bandsman Award. He has attended several Cadet training programs during the summer including General Training, Basic Musician and Drill and Ceremonial. He has been the Staff Cadet for the Regional Interdivisional Competition, National Marksmanship and Regional Sail Regatta.

He volunteers at the local Legion Branch on an as required basis and helps to set-up for Veterans' Teas and Lunches, their poppy campaign, and Remembrance Day services.

As a senior Cadet, he sets the example and is a role model for others. Some people have referred to him as the 'go to person' because he can get things done.

He has earned the Silver fitness level and is a member of the school football team where he plays defensive back. He enjoys running, long distance bike riding and snowboarding.

HCol Bob Vandewater, Cadet CPO1 Riley Howells and BGen Kelly Woiden

Mr. Jon Reyes and Cadet CPO1 Riley Howells

Mr. Jon Reyes, Cadet CPO1 Riley Howells and Family