2018 Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) James Randolph Popplow, SBStJ, CD, BSc, BEd, MD, MSc, ABPM (AM), FACPM Award Recipient

Cadet WO2 Sukhcharhat Dhillon
301 Allen McLeod RCACS

Cadet WO2 Sukhcharhat Dhillon will be attending the University of Toronto where he will be studying Commerce at the Rotman School of Business. His ambition is to eventually work in Diplomacy and then Federal Politics.

He was Top of Flight, Basic Fitness and Sports, participated in Biathlon and Effective Speaking, where he placed second in both. He received the Rockwell Collins Pilot Training Achievement Award, Glider Pilot Scholarship, Air Cadet League of Canada Service Medal, Royal Canadian Legion Cadet Medal of Excellence, Power Pilot Scholarship, and the Lord Strathcona Trust Fund Medal. He was Master of Ceremonies for the 170 Squadron Annual Ceremonial Review and participated in an International Air Cadet Exchange Scholarship to Australia this past Summer.

In the community he was a Facilitator Youth in Leadership: Lead Yourself 2018 Conference, was Head Boy at St John’s Ravenscourt, Regional Director Sustainable Youth Canada, Director Project Pulse Winnipeg, Parliamentary Whip Youth Parliament of Manitoba and St John’s Ravenscourt Committee Chair Youth in Philanthropy.

He has been an active leader in his Cadet Squadron as Commander of the Squadron Flag Party and also partnering with a group of Cadets in the Squadron creating “Cadets for Community” who focused on fundraising and volunteering for community groups such as Winnipeg Harvest. He has also been an instructor for those seeking Glider and Power Pilot Scholarships and was a staff member for many Biathlon competitions.

He stays fit running marathons, track and field, Biathlon, playing rugby and soccer, and enjoys coaching others. He qualified for the Cadet Standard of Physical Excellence, earned the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award and a City of Winnipeg Youth Role Model Award for excellence in multiple sport disciplines.

Cadet WO2 Dhillon is currently attending the University of Toronto. LCol (Retd) Popplow made the presentation to Cadet WO2 Dhillon at an earlier date.

LCol Denis Letellier, LCol (Retd) James Popplow, Cadet WO2 Sukhcharhat Dhillon and BGen (Retd) Eldren Thuen

LCol Denis Letellier, LCol (Retd) James Popplow, Cadet WO2 Sukhcharhat Dhillon and BGen (Retd) Eldren Thuen

LCol (Retd) James Popplow and Cadet WO2 Sukhcharhat Dhillon

Cadet WO2 Sukhcharhat Dhillon and Family

Cadet WO2 Sukhcharhat Dhillon and Family with LCol (Retd) James Popplow, Mrs. Popplow, BGen (Retd) Eldren Thuen and LCol Denis Letellier

Mr. Jon Reyes and Family of Cadet WO2 Sukhcharhat Dhillon

Mother of Cadet WO2 Sukhcharhat Dhillon