2018 The Royal Military Institute of Manitoba Award Recipient

Cadet CPO1 Zander Charles Dieter Wells
330 RCSCC Dawson

Cadet CPO1 Zander Wells will attend the University of Manitoba with the aim of becoming an Electrical Engineer. His goal is to create a future more dependent on renewable energy, and to make that happen, he wants to lead the movement that finds new and unconventional ways to harness the power of everything around us.

He has completed Basic Drill and Ceremonial, Air Rifle Marksmanship Instructor, Fitness and Sports Instructor and was a PERI staff member at HMCS Quadra in 2017. He is Phase 5 (qualified) and First-Aid Certified and participated in Sea Cadet PCT Deployment and Vimy Ridge Pilgrimage in 2017. He was Top Junior Cadet, Top Phase 5 Cadet and Top Cadet in his Corps in 2017. He was his Squadrons Coxswain and was responsible for the training, drill and deportment of the Squadron’s Cadets and has set a high standard for them to emulate. He has been awarded the Lorette Optimist Club Community Service Award, the Royal Canadian Legion Cadet Medal of Excellence, the Lord Strathcona Medal, the ANAVETS Cadet Medal of Merit, the Navy League of Canada Award of Excellence and the 6 Year Long Service Award (2018).

In his community he volunteers to support children’s activities, helps in the organization of food hampers over Christmas for those in need, supporting Remembrance Day and has always exemplified what it means to be a good citizen, by showing respect to others, offering extra help wherever he can, and encouraging those around him to do the same.

As a fitness and sports instructor he has lead various sports activities at Corps, and as a PERI staff member at Summer camp has led hundreds of Cadets through many different sports and training activities. He has earned his Bronze Level of Physical Excellence.

Assistant Commissioner Scott Kolody, Cadet CPO1 Zander Wells and Brig. Gen. Christopher Ireland

Mr. Jon Reyes and Cadet CPO1 Zander Wells

Cadet CPO1 Zander Wells

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2018 Scholarship Recipients & Cadet Guests with Brig. Gen. Ireland

2018 Scholarship Recipients & Cadet Guests with Brig. Gen. Ireland