2019 Surgeon Captain Gordon Paton Fahrni, DSC, MD Award Recipient

Cadet PO1 Avery Walker
60 RCSCC Swiftsure

Cadet PO1 Avery Walker attended Vincent Massy High School and has enrolled at Brandon University where she hopes to attain a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education, with a minor in Psychology. She plans to further her education following her under-graduate degree by attending the University of British Columbia where she will take classes leading to a Master’s Degree in Conducting or Musicology.

Avery joined cadets in 2014 and was selected the top new entry and top band cadet that year. She has excelled at every level in both cadets and band and has attended the Annual Cadet Camp at HMCS Quadra, Comox, BC every year. She was named cadet of the week on two occasions, received the Master Seaman Excellence Award, and served as a Staff Cadet. Additionally, she was named Drum Major and served in that capacity at the Change of Command Ceremonies for the Commander of 19 Wing Comox. She was also selected as the Lead Saxophone for the Ceremony of the Flags in Victoria and Comox and was one of only four cadets to be on the Planning Committee for the Manitoba Sea Cadet Centennial Celebrations.

Avery has also been active in her community, participating in the YMCA Youth Leadership Program, the manning booths at the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair, as well as helping with many other community activities. As part of her community involvement she has also participated with various groups to help at the local soup kitchen and Samaritan House. She has also participated in concerts for the elderly at Christmas and on other occasions.

She is active in track and field at her high school, training as a long-distance runner. In cadets, she maintains her fitness by attending sail camps annually. Avery has achieved both the Silver and Gold Standard (x2) of Physical Fitness within the Cadet Program.

MGen Alain Pelletier, Cadet PO1 Avery Walker, Mr. Jon Reyes and
HCol Bob Vandewater

Cadet PO1 Avery Walker and family

Cadet PO1 Avery Walker

2019 Scholarship Recipients with MGen Alain Pelletier,
CWO J-C Parent and BGen (Retd) Eldren Thuen

2019 Scholarship Recipients with MGen Alain Pelletier, Mr. Jon Reyes and BGen (Retd) Eldren Thuen

CWO J-C Parent, MGen Alain Pelletier, Cadet PO1 Avery Walker and
Mr. Jon Reyes

2019 Scholarship Recipients (Royal Canadian Sea Cadets)

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