2020 The Janice and Barry Rempel Honorary Colonels' Air Cadet Scholarship Award Recipient

Cadet WO1 Ryan Gilhooly
191 West Winnipeg Rotary RCACS

Cadet WO1 Ryan Gilhooly graduated from Sanford Collegiate and has enrolled at Mount Royal University where he will work towards his Aviation diploma with the goal of becoming a pilot.

Ryan attended his General Training in 2015, followed by Basic and Advanced Aviation Courses. This led him to Glider and Power Pilot Scholarships, although Power Pilot was unfortunately canceled in 2020. Ryan was been awarded the Lord Strathcona Medal, Air Cadet League of Canada Service Medal, and the Air Canada Flight Operations Trophy.

His passion for flying had led to volunteering at the Gimli Flying Centre. He’s also quick to help teach his peers at school, and volunteer at Winnipeg Harvest during the holiday season.

Ryan completes in soccer, track and field, biathlon, and long distance running. His most recent accomplishment was completing a full marathon in under four hours.

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