2020 Flight Sergeant Fred Marean Award Recipient

Cadet WO2 Mackenzie Guillou-Cormier
176 Boeing of Canada RCACS

Cadet WO2 Mackenzie Guillou-Cormier graduated from Centre scolaire Leo-Remillard and has enrolled at the University of Manitoba to pursue a bachelor’s degree in music education. She plans to become a high school music teacher.

Mackenzie’s Cadet training and courses has included Military Band Advanced Musician’s Course and Advance Training. She has competed in the National Effective Speaking Competition, as well as the Zone Marksmanship Competition. Her focus has resulted in numerous awards, including ACLC’s Music for Excellence, Duke of Edenborough’s International Award, RCL Cadet Medal of Excellence, and 1st place Provincial Effective Speaking Competition.

Volunteering is important to Mackenzie, as demonstrated by ten years of support to Residence Despins, a supportive-housing and independent-living facility. She has supported a variety of their events, including volunteering her time as an entertainer. She also founded her school’s first LGBTQ+ alliance, chairs weekly meetings and provides education to the student body.

Sports has been a focus for Mackenzie as she’s played a variety of different sports growing up--soccer, volleyball, basketball, badminton, karate, and softball.

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