2022 Guest Speaker

Brigadier-General Jamie Speiser-Blanchet, CD
Commander of the Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers

Brigadier-General Jamie Speiser-Blanchet was born in Chicoutimi, Quebec. She joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1990 and graduated from the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC) in 1994 with a degree in Computer Engineering.

Earning her pilot wings in March 1996 on the CH146 Griffon helicopter, her postings include 430e Escadron tactique d’hélicoptères in Valcartier, 1 Wing Headquarters in Kingston, 1 Canadian Air Division Headquarters in Winnipeg and 403 Helicopter Operational Training Squadron in Gagetown.

BGen Speiser-Blanchet deployed as a helicopter pilot during United Nations and NATO missions in Haiti and Bosnia and was appointed Deputy Commander (Operations) for JTF-IMPACT in Kuwait. In Canada, she has deployed on domestic operations in response to regional emergencies and support to other government agencies. She has served in high profile staff appointments as military assistant to the Minister of National Defence and as the Special Advisor to the Chief of the Defence Staff. Her last command was Commander of the Canadian Forces Intelligence Group. Brigadier-General Speiser-Blanchet holds a Masters degree in Defence Studies from RMC and a Masters degree in Politics and Policy from Deakin University in Australia.

A mother of three, BGen Speiser-Blanchet is honoured to be given the stewardship of one of Canada’s most important youth programs in her position of Commander, Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers.

MGen (Retd) Dennis Tabbernor, President and
BGen Jamie Speiser-Blanchet, Guest Speeker

Gen (Retd) Raymond Henault, Cadet CPO2 Tayne Krishka and
BGen Jamie Speiser-Blanchet

Mr. Jim Bruce, Cadet CPO2 Arina Tseragotin and
BGen Jamie Speiser-Blanchet

LCdr (Retd) Ron Skelton, Cadet CPO1 Thierney Dignadice and
BGen Jamie Speiser-Blanchet

LCol (Retd) Ivan Poitras, Cadet MWO Katrina Poirier and
BGen Jamie Speiser-Blanchet

HCol Cameron Buchanan, Cadet CWO Janelle Poirier and
BGen Jamie Speiser-Blanchet

LCol (Retd) James Popplow, Cadet WO2 Ethan Patzer and
BGen Jamie Speiser-Blanchet

HCol (Retd) George E. Chapman, Cadet WO1 Aidyn Pearce and
BGen Jamie Speiser-Blanchet

Mr. Barry Burns, Cadet PO1 Francheska Reyes and
BGen Jamie Speiser-Blanchet

BGen (Retd) Eldren Thuen, Cadet WO2 Lily Hadfield and
BGen Jamie Speiser-Blanchet

2022 Scholarship Recipients with BGen Jamie Speiser-Blanchet

Cadet WO1 Aidyn Pearce, BGen Jamie Speiser-Blanchet and
LCol Kevin Diduck

LCol Kevin Diduck, BGen Jamie Speiser-Blanchet and CWO Tony Savard

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